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What we wished I'd known when I got started writing!

Like you, we I wasn't born knowing how to succeed at earning a living writing.

Since the purpose of About Writing Squared is to provide a freelance writing refuge of fun learning and support it seems only natural to share our experience with members at no additional charge.

It's a darn good place to start - or, if you've started, the lessons may show you where you might have missed something.

Each lesson has it's on topic or thread in the Forum so you can ask questions (and get them answered), share your experience and learn exactly what you need to know to get off to a dynamite start with your freelance writing career.

The 10 lessons are:
 1– Thinking About Your Freelance Writing Career  6 - What You Need To Know About Query Letters
 2 – Creating Time To Write  7 - Corporate Writing
 3 - Start The Business Side Of Your Writing Now  8 -  Setting Fees
 4 - The Writer’s Office  9 - Becoming Truly Accountable
 5 – The 4 Most Important Ways To Market Yourself 10 – Writing Well And Often
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