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Carol Tice, who blogs at MakeALivingWriting.com and I created a seminar called 40 Ways To Market Your Writing. Although we had a tough time with the technology, and had a friend bail us out on the recording, record it we did. And it’s not bad.

So if you missed the seminar, here’s your chance to hear it all – except the part where the tech got weird, which was right at the beginning.

Love it when it works out that way because it means absolutely none of the meat of the webinar was lost.

Not only will you hear me and Carol talk about the 40 Ways To Market Your Writing, you’ll also hear us answer audience questions. So it’s more, quite a bit more than 40 Ways!

Quite a bargain and since you're a member of About Writing Squared Five Buck Forum it will cost you only $5.36 - hey, save enough .59 and you'll be rich.

Write well and often!

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