YOU Can Make Money Writing EbooksMake Money With Ebooks

Finally, a simple approach to writing and publishing ebooks

Yes, you can make money, writing ebooks. You can make serious money and create a long-tail stream of residual income.

I know, almost every day you get email promising you how you can make a fortune with ebooks. Most sound like get-rich-quick schemes... because they are.

Ebooks might make you rich, but as a freelance writer you know it's going to take some work.

Does this sound like you?

You know ebooks can be profitable and you know more and more book publishing is headed in that direction, but you've got questions, like:
  • How should you approach your own ebook project?

  • How will you actually get it written?

  • How should your ebook be formatted?

  • How can you market it successfully, without devoting hours every day to the project?

YOU Can Make Money Writing Ebooks
is based on Anne's actual experience with ebooks - the first one happened almost accidentally and is still paying a few bucks at a time years later. She was writing what she knew about and, along with a paperback book an ebook happened.

Learn how you can do exactly the same thing - deliberately.

The e-book is a great starting point for aspiring e-book authors who are looking for ways to make money outside of their freelance writing services
- Jennifer Mattern at

For example:
  • Discover how an ebook addressing even a tiny niche can make you significant money.
  • You'll learn how to make your ebook manuscript work for you.
  • Find out exactly what formats to use to be viewable most ebook readers, including Kindle, Sony and the iPad.
  • Determine what kind of cover your ebook needs.
Maybe the most important - you'll gain a real-world overview of exactly what you need to get your marketing off to a great start.

You've got great ideas. You know those ideas would sell if you knew how to get them into ebook form and could figure out the marketing. That's what
YOU Can Make Money Writing Ebooks is all about.

By the way, the book will also tell you how you can make money writing ebooks for others. But the emphasis is on creating your own ebooks and your own residual income.

Don't be left out of the ebook revolution.

Anne's ebook on ebooks is straight forward and makes what could be a complicated process almost easy. Besides, like me she's a freelance writer so she knows how to explain things just the way I need to hear them.-

BR - freelance writer

My name is Anne Wayman, and I'd like to tell you about some of my writing background:

  • I've been writing successfully for over 30 years.

  • I've written books, booklets and a whole slew of magazine articles. I've written on my own and as head of a writing team.

  • I've been writing on the web since launched back in 1995. I was's guide to freelance writing for years.

  • I currently have over a dozen ebooks and reports selling, generating income for me each and every month.
As you might suspect, I've learned a few things. 

In YOU Can Make Money Writing Ebooks I share with you my ebook story and I help you avoid the mistakes I made in the beginning.

For example:

  • Do you know how you can accept credit cards without paying a monthly fee?

  • Do you know where you can go if you want to set up your own affiliate program?

  • Do you know where you can get software to help you design covers for less than $50?

All this and more is covered in YOU Can Make Money Writing Ebooks.

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You'll be inspired!

Will this book make money? It certainly won't hurt! Because you've simply got to get the writing done.

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