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The exact links Anne used to post jobs - the same ones she uses for herselfGetting Started in Freelance Writing

For years, Anne Wayman, who has been a force to reckon with about freelance writing on the web for years, published links to real (work in your pajamas) freelance jobs.

Now she's published not only her secrets about searching for freelance writing, editing and translation jobs, she's releasing the exact links she used for each of her searches.

Learn from someone who knows

Okay, maybe it was easier when she was culling through the jobs - but who knows what she missed. Now you will know exactly.

Where To Search for Freelance Writing Jobs  and can do it any time at all that YOU want to look - daily (or more often, although I don't recommend getting obsessed with these links), weekly, or whatever schedule meets YOUR needs.

Finding freelance writing gigs is not an exact science. Some of it's luck, and a lot of it is consistently applying. You can now  become consistent and persistent on your schedule, just the way you want it.

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I actually got jobs fairly often from Anne's list. 
GF- New Writer

Open the ebook and...

  • Click on the links and begin applying to the jobs that look good for you. It's easy.

  • Since you'll be looking JUST for the jobs YOU want, it probably, with a bit of practice, won't take you more than an hour to run through the whole list.

Anne's job list was a life saver for me when I first got started. SR

My name is Anne Wayman, and I'd like to tell you about some of my writing background:

  • I've been writing successfully for over 30 years.

  • I've written books, booklets and a whole slew of magazine articles. I've written on my own and as head of a writing team.

  • I've been writing on the web since Match.com launched back in 1995. I was About.com's guide to freelance writing for years.

  • I've had a profitable and popular freelance writing website in one form or another since 1998.
As you might suspect, I've learned a few things. 

In Where To Find Freelance Writing Jobs I share the actual list and live links I used to post freelance writing jobs.

Will this book make you money? It certainly won't hurt! And it might help you land the writing gig you want.

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Write well and often!

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